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2014-06-11 Senior Party

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Updated: Jun 12, 2014 6:26pm EDT

2014-05-04 MN NFF Gala - Honorees

Updated: May 10, 2014 3:32am EDT

2014-05-31 ADA Tour de Cure

..playing in the rain...

Updated: Jun 02, 2014 7:08am EDT

2014-05-16 JFK/JEF Prom "Red Carpet"

Updated: May 20, 2014 8:34am EDT

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2014-06-24 Minnehaha Falls Flooding Pixs are under "Roving Photographer"

2014-06-11 Kennedy Senior party is under "Events\Kennedy HS\ 2014-06-11 Senior Party"

2014 JFK Choir Banquet video is uploading under the "Videos" gallery below

Jefferson Golf Team pixs are under "Sports\Jefferson Golf". The Banquet video is under the
"Videos" gallery below.

2014-05-31 ADA Tour de Cure is uploading under "Events\Corporate"

2014-05-31 RIG Annual pixs are online under "Competitions"

2014-05-30 RIG Annual pixs are currently uploading under "Competitions"

2014-05-08 AIDA Pictures are uploading under "Competitions"!

2014-05-04 The Minnesota Football Foundation Event Pictures are loading under "Events\Corporate"

2014-05-03 ADA Gala @ Treasure Island are uploading under "Events\Corporate"

2014-04-11 Kennedy Talent Show pictures are up under "Competitions". Cool show!!

2014-03-15 The Westwood Sloan Iowa pixs are up and under 'Competitions'

Kenisha Bell fans: The SHOT is # 313 in the 2014-03-08 JFK vs LkvSo gallery!

2014-02-09 Legacy @ Fairmont Opera House 405 shots are currently uploading under "Events\Social"

2014-01-01 The Bloomington GOLD Pictures uploads are online under 'Competitions' .

2013-01-04 RIG and ESS Preview show is online. .....You know where...!

2013-12-28 Schwan Cup Hockey is under Sports\Hockey

The 2013-12-14 BAA Basketball Games @ Jefferson are online under Tournaments.

NEW - 2013 Boys and Girls Basketball Banquet videos are up online as well as free banquet pictures!
JFK's Robotics Team pixs are uploaded under "Portraits"
The 1AAA Dance Sectionals are loaded under "Dance\2013-02-09 SSC Section 1AAA @ JFK"
The 2013 Bloomington Gold Show Choir Comp pictures are located under "Competitions\ 2013 Bloomington Gold Show Choir Comp".
The SSC Dance Championship under "Dance"
The Virginia G Benefit pictures are uploading under "Events\Social"

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